5 Ways to Protect Your Persian, Oriental and Navajo Rug Investment

5 ways to protect your persian, oriental and navajo rug investment

What if we told you that increasing the life of your Persian, Navajo or Oriental rugs is easier than you think? A little bit of a time investment every few months will protect your overall investment for your rug. Think about the time, effort and money you invested to select a beautiful, central design piece for your home. If taken care of properly, with regular use, your rug can become a family heirloom.

1. Clean Regularly

person vacuuming a persian rug

Create and keep a weekly cleaning routine. This will ensure less dust trappings and moth eggs in the carpet fibers. Make sure to use a non-brush vacuum attachment to do so and avoid beating or shaking the rug. Vacuuming will also assist the fibers from being packed down.

A profession cleaning should be scheduled at least once every six months with additional spot cleanings as needed to maintain the vibrant color of the textiles and delicate fringe. Our dedicated Rug Spa will revive your rug every visit.

2. Store Properly

many rugs rolled up and standing on end

Different sizes and styles of rugs will require different methods of storage but all must be thoroughly cleaned promptly beforehand. Depending on the length of potential storage, it is always a good idea to have your rugs professionally cleaned beforehand.

Navajo Rugs

A Navajo rug should NEVER be folded or it will result in irreversible creases and possible holes in the weave. Roll your rug loosely and wrap it in muslin or brown paper.

Since wool is prone to moths, make sure to throw in some cedar chips or lavender sachets but remembering to periodically check for moths and carpet beetles is also very important. It doesn’t take long for these pests to ruin your beautiful Navajo rug and we cannot stress that enough.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs should also be rolled instead of folded but creases are removable in persian rugs. If the length of storage is not very long and you have no other way than to temporarily store your rug folded, it will most likely end up fine, but similar to Navajo rugs, folding can result in weakened fibers and potential holes. When rolling your rug for storage, a rolling tube may be a helpful tool but make sure it is acid-free or you can risk fading the rich coloring.

3. Stay Out of the Sun

Brown and black navajo rug

Due to the delicate nature of the dye in Persian, Oriental and Navajo rugs, make sure to do your best to place them out of direct sunlight. Fading is inevitable but sunlight can dramatically speed up that process, especially for rugs colored with vegetable dye.

4. Pad Your Rug

padding on a rug

Add a padding underneath your rugs. You will see a decrease in movement and wrinkling because the pad will help keep your rug in place. This is very important for these style of rugs because of the delicate textiles used and they tend to be thinner than most rugs.

5. Rearrange

leather chair on a persian rug

Rearranging both the furniture and the rug will help with the overall wear of your Persian, Oriental and/or Navajo rug. Over time, you are to expect color fading and worn carpet fibers but you want it to do so evenly. Let’s say you leave your rug in the same place for two years, when you decide to rearrange, you will find quite the difference between the corner everyone steps on to get to the kitchen and the corner that’s tucked under the couch (a more dramatic difference if you are not professionally cleaning it regularly). An evenly worn rug maintains its “wholeness” and will age with beauty rather than mal care.

We hope these tips help you protect your rug, so you can cherish it for many years to come! If you’re ready for professional cleaning or spot cleaning, we serve all of Northern Arizona! Call Premier at 928-607-2422.