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Here is the simple truth about Fire, Smoke & Odor Damage…oily soot is the true culprit. Oily soot is carried through warm smoke vapors to every recess of your building, then when cool, oily soot is deposited in every crack and crevice. Porous cellular materials including fabric, insulation, wood, stone and composites accept the oily soot and must be washed with oil penetrating surfactants, or else you will never get the smoky smell out of them. The hard truth is that some of these items may not be feasibly reached or washed, but Your Premier Team can help!
When disaster strikes, your Premier Team has a single goal. We will secure the site, safely mitigate spreading damage and implement professional restoration techniques to your Flagstaff and northern Arizona home or business. We will strive to bring back your peace of mind as quickly as possible.

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Simple Chemistry

Eco-Friendly Products

Odor Encapsulation

At Premier, we are experts in smoke damage restoration. We combat oily soot with simple chemistry. In those areas that can be accessed and feasibly washed, oily soot can be washed away using a high pH surfactant (soaps & detergents) and in those which can not be feasibly washed, at a molecular level they can be either be “paired” with a “binding molecule” which counteracts the scent, or they can be bombarded at the molecular level, which physically tears apart the offending odor molecules. To do this we use 03, which is more commonly known as simple Ozone.
Premier is the only Northern Arizona remediation team FULLY dedicated to using Earth-friendly technology in all of our mitigation and restoration techniques. How can we make this claim? Our new HD-2500 Nissan with its truck mounted Prochem Everest Equipment has a GREEN DEDICATED ONLY set of supply tanks which have never seen the blight of harsh chemicals. Other companies (we know – we’ve checked!) claim to use Green Chemicals, but share the same supply tanks with non-eco-friendly chemicals. Simply put, we are the ONLY truck-mount equipped using GREEN ONLY chemical supply tanks on our truck. Therefore we can certify – in those instances needed – that we are using GREEN ONLY products to keep you, your environment and pets GREEN SAFE.
Finally, in areas that can not be washed contained or removed, but remain contaminated with oily soot, we have a final option which is encapsulation. For attic wood surfaces which stubbornly emit smoke odor, we can fully encapsulate the offending odors trapping them beneath a layer of complete (and final) smell protection.

When it comes to oily soot, Premier can handle ANY job!

Rapid Response & Detection

The key elements to fixing smoke and odor damage are rapid response, fast, professional detection and complete remediation through simple chemistry.
Your Premier Technicians stand ready to tackle ANY smoke damage problem. We have been classroom trained and field tested since 2006. No one in Flagstaff and northern Arizona has more experience in smoke damage mitigation & remediation than The Premier Team. We hope you never have to experience the damage and destruction of oily soot from smoke from any cause, but if it happens, we are just a single phone call away.
Don’t hesitate to call your Premier Team! We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call immediately. We will be there for you when you need us!

Trained Team
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ON large commercial cleanings, we send in a whole TEAM of trained & IICRC certified professionals in order to get a high-quality cleaning job done fast.


We’re the only cleaning service in Flagstaff and northern Arizona to use truly green products – Good for the Earth AND safer for your work environment.


We work around your schedule so we can be in and out without disrupting any normal business hours.